Andrea Sánchez Campos


I am a Costa Rica woman entrepreneur who is in love with the South Caribbean of Costa Rica. My goal is to give people the opportunity to create a 100% complete experience of connection with nature without compromising the comforts of a conventional hotel.


I love the sea, and connecting with the people who visit me, I call them HAPPY GLAMPERS!!
I do my best every day to help people feel at home while enjoying nature and Pura Vida (pure life). Beautiful memories of this little piece of Paradise in the Caribbean is what Faith Glamping and I are here to provide people.


Faith Glamping (camping + Glamour) is a unique, novel concept where you can find the perfect balance between connection with the jungle, the sea, extraordinary fauna & flora of the South Caribbean and oneself.

Within these Geodesic Domes (used by NASA) a deep balance is achieved in the hemispheres of the brain, combining the principles of sacred geometry, with subtle energies so you can achieve a feeling of peace and deep inner healing. The unique and powerful structure of the Geodesic dome manages to bring you unconsciously to a peaceful state that recalls the mother’s womb. These types of spheres represent the matrix, according to ancestral structural architecture studies, and that’s why they were so used in ancient times.